Cash & Carry Dispensing

Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine are rapidly growing healthcare segments, and medication dispensing is a high-value, low-cost addition to any direct care or concierge practice! Dispensing your common generic medications will lower the cost of care for your patients while improving satisfaction. Physicians and other practitioners who dispense are saving their patients a trip to the pharmacy while also saving money for their patients and offering improved confidentiality. It’s a win-win for the practice and the patient.

There are several different ways you can incorporate dispensing into your practice. Some practices choose to include medications in the monthly membership fee, others offer a separate medication subscription for a defined list of medications. Still others will simply pass through medications at their cost, offering their patients the chance to purchase medications at a discounted, wholesale price. While many DPC and concierge practices are able to offer a discount program on medications, dispensing directly can often be even cheaper and comes with added convenience for the patient.

Benefits of DPC or Concierge Dispensing with PharmaLink

  • We will work with you to create the ideal medication formulary for your organization.
  • Credentialing and enrollment is fast and easy.

  • We offer thousands of common items in ready-to-dispense quantities. There is no pill counting or labeling, and our system will print the final medication label for compliance.
  • Dispensing with our system is fast and easy, with a single dispense taking 20-30 seconds on average.

Adding PharmaLink’s medication dispensing system to your current services is a great way to generate additional revenue and/or improve patient satisfaction by offering a “full-service” solution. The system is easy to set up and we will be there to assist you every step of the way.

Are you curious about what medication dispensing can do for your DPC or Concierge practice? Contact Us today to request more information and get started on the road to improved patient care and satisfaction, or to schedule a free 15-minute demonstration of our turnkey, easy-to-use software.

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