PharmaLink Announces Partnership with Betr Health, an Innovative Digital Health Company Focused on Treating Obesity and Preventing/Reversing Diabetes

Betr Health ( is a CDC-approved Diabetes Prevention Program and has treated over 6,000 clients to date with unprecedented outcomes. On average, 98% of clients complete the initial 3-week program and report 6-8% weight loss, significantly reducing the risk of diabetes and other obesity-linked conditions.

How Does it Work?

How does Betr Health achieve these patient outcomes and what makes their program different from other weight loss and digital health companies? Betr Health utilizes the optimal balance of human coaching (ensuring accountability) and technology (allowing treatment of patients anytime anywhere) to deliver their proprietary protocols, meal plans, and health education. All of those components are delivered seamlessly to modify patient behavior, promote sustainable weight loss, and prevent/reverse diabetes and other obesity-linked conditions.

Why Do Physicians Partner with Betr Health?

Partnering with Betr Health increases practice revenue, improves patient outcomes, and drives increased patient satisfaction and retention – all of these benefits with no risk to your practice or your patients. Referring your patients to Betr Health has been shown to:

  • Increase practice revenue from follow-up office visits and labs
  • Generate recurring compensation from each referred patient
  • Improve patient outcomes which, in turn, improves your insurance reimbursements
  • Build patient loyalty, improve satisfaction, and increase retention and referrals

If you’re interested in learning more about how Betr Health can benefit your practice and your patients, let us know!