PharmaLink Pharmaceutical, LLC and No Insurance Club have entered into a strategic partnership. No Insurance Club is an exclusive network of physicians that provides a solution for uninsured patients to receive affordable basic coverage for themselves and their family through memberships with participating physicians. As part of their service, No Insurance Club provides a practice with a truly turn-key service that includes program design, advertising, billing, and payment. Doctors can realize substantial increases in cash revenue while serving a growing and important uninsured patient population.

PharmaLink will be the exclusive point of care dispensing solution for No Insurance Club doctors. Brian Czochara, CEO of PharmaLink, states “We are excited to partner with this innovative company. Our service goes hand-in-hand with No Insurance Club; both services provide the physician with the ability to serve an important market and increase cash revenue. When it comes to physician dispensing, research shows that it is a service patients want and one that doctors should provide for patient convenience. Dispensing allows physicians to compete with mini-clinics and offers a much needed additional cash revenue source. Billing insurance for medications is something most doctors do not want to get into. It hampers cash flow and can negatively affect relationships with patients when the doctor has to inform them that medications are not covered by their insurance provider”.

PharmaLink already provides thousands of medications that are priced at cash pay point (the point where insured patients see virtually no difference between their co-pay and the cash price of medication). Both insured and uninsured patients benefit. In addition to PharmaLink’s substantial formulary of high quality, Grade A, low cost generic medications, No Insurance Club will have exclusive pricing for club members that range from 20% to 80% below the big national retail pharmacy chain’s $4.00 and $10.00 generics. Patients who are members of the No Insurance Club now have an affordable solution to receiving proper healthcare that includes savings on medications and the convenience of a mini-clinic – all offered from their trusted doctor.

The combination of PharmaLink and No Insurance Club has the potential to substantially increase the physician’s cash revenue and to fill a growing need.

No Insurance Club can be found online at:

About PharmaLink: PharmaLink is a leading nationwide provider of point-of-care pharmaceutical dispensing solutions with a growing client base that currently spans over 23 states. PharmaLink serves healthcare provider practices of all sizes and specialties.

PharmaLink’s value proposition resides in our world-class customer service, secure state-of-the-art web-based dispensing application, and comprehensive turn-key solution that finances and manages formulary inventory while ensuring instant profitability with zero financial investment.

By partnering with PharmaLink, healthcare providers (physicians, dentists,etc.) can offer cutting-edge value-added services that provide patient convenience and benefits through onsite prescription fulfillment while enjoying increased cash-based revenue. For additional information about PharmaLink call 1-888-222-2671, email, or visit today.