Find Urgent Care, an online urgent care database for patients and walk-in centers nationwide, entered into a strategic marketing partnership with PharmaLink. Find Urgent Care saw the expansion of urgent care medicine within the healthcare industry as patients needed immediate care without waiting weeks for an appointment. Also known as “immediate care”, “walk-in clinics”, or “convenient care”, urgent care centers are surfacing throughout the United States. Find Urgent Care enrolls Urgent Care centers nationwide, creating the most comprehensive database that can be easily searched by prospective patients to locate the center closest to them.

Point of care medication dispensing goes hand-in-hand with the convenience of urgent care. Patients are able to obtain their medications immediately without an additional trip to the pharmacy. PharmaLink’s unique and innovative solution for point of care dispensing will be the preferred and recommended solution for Find Urgent Care’s members. With PharmaLink’s solution, the urgent care centers add an additional revenue source. The urgent care’s patients will have the option to obtain Grade-A generic and brand name medications that are manufactured at an FDA compliant facility and repackaged in the United States. Patient’s benefits include convenience, increased medication compliance, and cost savings through high quality generic medications.

The goal of the strategic partnership is to introduce PharmaLink’s service to Find Urgent Care’s members, giving them an option to offer a truly value added service to their patients and increase the center’s revenue.

Find Urgent Care is based in Mesa, AZ and can be found online at:

About PharmaLink: PharmaLink is a leading nationwide provider of point-of-care pharmaceutical dispensing solutions with a growing client base that currently spans over 23 states. PharmaLink serves healthcare provider practices of all sizes and specialties.

PharmaLink’s value proposition resides in our world-class customer service, secure state-of-the-art web-based dispensing application, and comprehensive turn-key solution that finances and manages formulary inventory while ensuring instant profitability with zero financial investment.

By partnering with PharmaLink, healthcare providers (physicians, dentists,etc.) can offer cutting-edge value-added services that provide patient convenience and benefits through onsite prescription fulfillment while enjoying increased cash-based revenue. For additional information about PharmaLink call 1-888-222-2671, email, or visit today.