• Gastroenterology

Medication dispensing is a great ancillary service for gastroenterology practices as it provides convenience and confidentiality to patients, as well as generating additional profit for the practice on the large volume of in-office procedures performed. Colonoscopy prep kits are not always covered by insurance and the cash cost at the pharmacy is often over $100, providing a great opportunity for gastro practices to generate additional profit and save patients money versus their cost at the pharmacy on pre-procedure and post-procedure medications.

Some of the most commonly dispensed gastroenterology medications include:

  • PEG 3350
  • Gavilyte-C

  • Gavilyte-G

  • Gavilyte-H

  • Gavilyte-N

  • Ondansetron

PharmaLink’s full medication formulary includes over 2,000 branded and generic medications, so even if you don’t see the medication you’re looking for on this list, there’s a good chance we carry it!

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