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Employer worksite medical clinics can generate tremendous cost savings while improving employee productivity and medication compliance by dispensing medications on-site rather than sending employees to the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions.

  • Direct Cost Savings: By purchasing medications through PharmaLink and dispensing directly to your patients at your on-site medical clinic, you’re able to eliminate the large pharmacy and PBM (pharmacy benefit manager) markups. Switching from the traditional pharmacy-pickup model to on-site dispensing can often save your clinic up to 60% on total medication costs without changing prescribing habits at all. The direct cost savings from worksite medication dispensing are often enough to cover the overhead for the entire clinic!
  • Productivity Improvements: By skipping the trip to the pharmacy and receiving their medications at your on-site medical clinic, your employees reduce the amount of time spent away from the office, generating immediate productivity savings for your company.
  • Medication Compliance: Studies show that medication compliance increases substantially when patients receive their medication at the point of care rather than from the pharmacy. Higher medication compliance translates to better control over recurring/chronic health conditions for individual employees, as well as reducing the risk of spreading contagious illnesses.

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