• Real-Time Inventory Management

PharmaLink’s easy-to-use web-based software tracks your inventory as you dispense, allowing it to make relevant reorder recommendations. The software also has built-in administrative reports to help you reconcile inventory discrepancies. Finally, the system has built-in checks to make sure you are dispensing the correct item and are not dispensing an expired item, reducing the risk of costly and dangerous errors.

Our Store Manager inventory management solution allows you to accurately track any item you sell or dispense from your office. Our customers use this software to track everything from medication samples to crutches and from meal replacement shakes to bulk medications. The system utilizes the label printer and barcode scanner to track items by to the level of detail desired, either by lot number or simply keeping an accurate inventory count. If you are using Store Manager and PharmaLink’s dispensing solution, the system stores your inventory in one place so there is no need to keep track of multiple logins! All of this for a low monthly subscription.

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