Is physician dispensing legal?

Yes! Physician dispensing is regulated at the state level and is allowed in all but a few states, with certain restrictions or limitations in others. Please reference our Dispensing Regulations page for more information.

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Why don’t more doctors dispense?

Historically physician dispensing was a manual process and required extra staff to count pills, maintain records, and report dispenses to state PDMP systems. Today, PharmaLink’s turnkey solution with pre-packaged medications, quick and easy dispensing, automated label printing, and automated PDMP reporting makes the process much easier and requires no additional staff. Many physicians are wary [...]

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How much does it cost to get started?

In most cases nothing! Depending on your state and the program you choose, we will provide all of the equipment and software you need to get started, and we’ll even finance your inventory for you. What this means is you are immediately profitable and cash flow positive. For a risk-free consultation, or if you’re ready [...]

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Do I need to provide any equipment to get started?

To take full advantage of the PharmaLink program you only need to provide a computer with internet connection and a black and white printer. Use of PharmaLink’s dispensing software is not required, however, so it is possible to get started without any equipment. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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Which medications do you carry?

We carry a full catalog of approximately 2,500 generic and branded medications in prepackaged, factory-sealed, ready-to-dispense packages. We carry a variety of strengths and quantities for most common medications. For more information, refer to our Formulary section or contact us.

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Does your software report to state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP)?

Yes! Our software automatically files PDMP reports in all of the states where we have customers dispensing controlled medications, as required in each state. Our software will also file “Zero-Fill” reports to the extent no controlled dispenses are completed where required by the state. For more information check out our PDMP Reporting page.

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